isotypesis the handle of the independent projects of Ken Lefebvre, a research analyst at the Donahue Institute, and freelance researcher and designer based out of New England. I am not presently seeking job opportunities but am always looking to collaborate in any projects related to geospatial systems, data science, and open government.


Mass. Population Growth
(Mapbox, fmr. project being adapted for UMDI)

Ken Lefebvre, MPPA

(347) 765-0539 • KenLefebvre AT

Education and Honors

Class of 2015

Public Policy & Administration

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Focus on scientific and society, including capstone-
Genetic Discrimination Law in the United States: A Socioethical and Legal Analysis of the Genetic Nondiscrimination Act (GINA)

Class of 2013

Environmental Science

University of Massachusetts Amherst

May 2014

George T. Sulzner Endowment Award
Center for Public Policy & Administration, University of Massachusetts Amherst

May 2013

Friends of the Library Undergraduate Research Award
Special Collections, W.E.B. DuBois Library, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Professional Experience

Mar '17 – Sept '17

Innovation Fellow
Office of the Comptroller, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Temp. position under the Operations division of the state Comptroller’s Office, as part of a digital government initiative by Compt. Shack and Gov. Baker

  • Managed ongoing digitization of essential paperwork for the Commonwealth, which will result in hundreds of thousands of vendor W-9s, write-offs, and other legal documents being stored and catalogued for future access in a system saving the state government an estimated $500k-1m per annum
  • Documented and troubleshot procedures related to project for future use by other employees of the office
  • Supervised records management assistant and oversaw sorting, filing, physical storage of sensitive legal documents for processing
  • Completed seminars in state financial systems, data warehouse reporting w/Access, and internal management/risk assessment
Sept '15 – Oct '16

Technical Services Engineer
OriginLab Corporation

Software publisher of the Origin software suite; developing and improving statistical and publishing capabilities of researchers in academia, government, and the private sector in more than 50 countries.

  • Developed advanced statistical procedures for processing data, regularly documented these steps in blogs and tutorials
  • Represented company by providing customized presentations that assist users in effectively analyzing their data
  • Responded to customer inquiries, identified solutions for their project needs and provided technical guidance in advanced analysis across multiple scientific disciplines
  • Assisted in customer software procedures between company’s software and SQL-queried data, and other formats
Aug '14 – Feb '15

Graduate Assistant – GIS
Dr. Charles Schweik
University of Massachusetts Amherst

A course in geospatial information systems (GIS) with a focus in applying ESRI ArcMap software to advanced problem-solving

  • Managed ongoing digitization of essential paperwork for the Commonwealth
  • Stored and catalogued thousands of legal and financial documents for future access in a system projected to save $500k-1m per annum
  • Documents and troubleshoots procedures related to project for future use by other employees of the office
May '14 – Sept '14

Geospatial Systems Intern
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

The region 5 office of the U.S. FWS, working under GIS coordinator Herb Bergquist in the Ecological Services division

  • Developed and documented novel process for importing management records as spatial data using SQL, GIS databases and forms provided by FWS and the Maine Department of Conservation
  • Analyzed government Access worksheets of 1990-2012 hatching and release data for inconsistencies to ensure accurate representation of data using linear referencing
  • Determined proper methods for procedure to import future records into GIS; took initiative in documenting concatenations, developing automation of process with other team members to improve efficiency
  • Presented project summary and findings with division members before an audience of FWS staff
Jan '13 – May '13

Teaching Assistant – GIS
Dr. Bethany Bradley
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Laboratory section for introductory GIS course with a focus in utilizing ESRI ArcMap

  • Supported team of peers tasked with supervising and implementing technical solutions in course lab sessions
  • Mentored students to identify best methods and data sources for final term projects
Jan '13 – July '14

GoBerry, LLC

Local family-owned frozen yogurt chain comprising two stores that prepare their recipe in-house daily using Massachusetts dairy and produce.

  • Prepared fresh batches of yogurt in-house during opening shifts using proprietary cultures and puréed ingredients
  • Completed customer orders, recommended specific flavors and toppings, addressed concerns
  • Coordinated shop closure with supervisors during closing shifts
May '12 – Sept '12

Research Technician – Plant Pathology
Dr. Robert Wick
University of Massachusetts Amherst

A plant pathology extension lab group, cooperating with growers and turf management to diagnose pests and diseases

  • Processed samples submitted by a variety of clients from across the U.S., ran diagnostics for pathogens, wrote standardized reports and promptly returned findings and feedback to clients via email or fax
  • Created public database with team members of specimens from a previously unused archive dating across nearly a century, allowing this resource to be readily-accessed by future scientific researcher
  • Performed ELISA and preliminary DNA extraction for PCR on USDA nursery samples for Phytopthora ramorum and plum potyvirus diagnoses
  • Prepared culture agar formulae for a variety of pathogens, assisted in determining improved media for culturing a 2012 clonal lineage of Phytophthora infestans
  • Assisted testing various nematocide treatments at designated sites using dose-response matrices
Nov '10 – Sept '11

Research Technician – Entomology/Melittology
Dr. Anne Averill
University of Massachusetts

Entomology research group funded by USDA to research influence of pesticides on native pollinators, specifically Bombus species

  • Performed homing experiments to determine range of B. impatiens bumblebees and influence of pesticides on behavior, determined homing range exceeds 5 miles; initial treatment of neonicotenoid-based pesticides indicated positive correlation with diminished homing abilities
  • Processed and logged specimen samples for DNA extraction and subsequent PCR analysis
Jan '09 – Jun '09

Engineering Intern
Abbess Instruments

Internship w/ small independent manufacturer of vacuum chamber testing systems for gov’t and private communications contractors

  • Processed incoming raw materials, including debarring aluminum and stainless steel, assembling control boxes and related components

Skills and Training

Technical Skills


Phase Contrast Microscopy
Agar Gel Electrophoresis
Cell Culturing (Bacteria/Fungi)
Nematode Soil Extraction
Specimen Dissection (Mammal/Arthropod)
Soil Organic Matter Combustion
Bulk Density




ArcGIS Desktop
ArcGIS Online
Igor Pro
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel
Avid Pro



Biology - I, II, & Env'tl
Chemistry- Gen, Org, Inorg
Forest & Wetland Hydrol.
Forest Insects & Plnt Pathog.
Pathology of Plant Diseases
Physics - Engin., & Water/Soils
Soil Chemistry
Soil Genesis
Soil Microbiology
Soil & Water Physics
Statistics- Life & Soc. Sci
Toxicology, Environmental


Budgeting & Financial Mgmt.
Comparative Public Policy
Economic Public Policy
Environmental Policy
Legislative Drafting
Natural Resource Economics
Program Evaluation
Public Management
Political Ecology
Sociological Research Methods
Sustainable Dev't Policy
U.S. Education Policy
Archival Research
Policy Analysis
Historical Research
Records Management

Other/Soft Skills

Comput. Approaches to Prob.
"The Craft of Speaking" (Amh. Col.)
Strategies for Change: Springfield
Technical Writing
Public Speaking
FM Broadcasting
Customer Service
Personnel Supervision
Archival Research
Policy Analysis
Historical Research
Records Management


Sept '16 – Jan '17

Arrest Map GIS Developer
Isotypes (Independent Project)

Developing an online application using open-source mapping library Leaflet, a number of extensions including Omnivore and TurfJS, and Holyoke Police Dept arrest logs, to allow citizens to view crime data geospatially. Proof-of-concept with limited functionality available at-

Jun '16 – Sept '16

Invasive Species Assistant
US Fish & Wildlife Service

Cooperated with team of professionals and volunteers to help eradicate Water Chestnut on the Chicopee River

August 1, 2015

Guest Writer
Remineralize the Earth

Coordinated with small non-profit to write press release for their announced partnership with the Cuban-U.S. Agroecology Network

March 2015

Amherst Survival Center

Prepared and served meals to homeless and at-risk individuals and families during lunch hours, cleaned facilities

October 11, 2013

Guest Lecturer
Amherst Historical Society and Museum

Conducted lecture and subsequent discussion on the findings of an historical research paper and biography

Jan 2012 – Dec 2012

Blueprint Fellow
Roosevelt Institute

Coordinated with students at other Massachusetts colleges to develop a policy blueprint for the Commonwealth in 2020, contributed to a larger document called “Government for and By Millennial America” which was submitted to President Barack Obama upon its completion

January 2011

Contributing Writer
UMass Special Collections and University Archives

Researched and documented the history of the pollinator research program at UMass Amherst,
“Apicultural Studies at UMass, Their History and Future: The Case for Preserving the Apiary”